Finish Your Look with professional nail design at MJ Salon & Color. Sure you can do it yourself, but nothing compares to getting a manicure or pedicure from one of our professionals

Nail Care

You can’t go wrong with a classic manicure and pedicure. A classic manicure and pedicure consists of the same color being used on all nails. The color on your finger-nails could be the same color that you pick for your toes or it could be a different color. Change it up! If you’ve heard about the color-block clothing trend, then you know all about using a burst of color to dazzle the eye and create an interesting look. So it’s no surprise that this fashion craze has made its way into manicures (and pedicures). Pick a finger – any finger will do, but most pick their ring finger – and paint an unexpected pop-of-color on it. The pop-of-color could be any color you want. It could complement the other color you picked for the rest of your nails or it could contrast with it. Mix pastels with metallics, neon colors with muted shades, shimmers with solids … whatever mood strikes you.


Manicures and Pedicures are more than just nail polish. They are relaxing experiences that you can sit back and enjoy while our professionals work their magic. The treatments include a hand/foot soak, hand/foot massage, cut, file, and shaping of your nails and more. So if colorful nails are not for you, then opt for no polish or clear polish. Your hands and feet will thank you.

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